We can restore, edit and archive

At Photobee we have highly skilled staff that can restore old and damaged photos back to new condition. Your photos will be scanned at high resolution and then our Photoshop wizards can repair damage, adjusted faded colours and contrast.

Want to keep your memories lifetime?

We also offer photo editing which includes photo touch up, people removal or adding, slimming, wrinkle reduction, removing background distractions etc.

Once we have restored or edited your image we can print the photo to any size as well as give you a digital version on CD or via email for you, your family and friends to enjoy for generations to come.

Some of our customers include authors that have used old images that we have scanned and restored for publishing in their books or magazines which are now published.

Bring in your precious memories and our experienced staff can discuss the best options for your photos and give you quote on the spot.

photo restoration

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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