Photobee Film Processing

At Photobee we have a high capacity and high quality film processing lab with Noritsu and Fuji Film processors and scanners FOR SAME DAY/ NEXT DAY FILM PROCESSING...

If you have a prefrence to either Fuji Frontier or Noritsu scans please let us know (same price).  

You can drop your film off at our Malvern store or you can MAIL IN YOUR film to us at
Photobee Digital
161 Glenferrie Road
Malvern 3144

You can place your film processing order below...

With 2 Noritsu film processing machines and HS 1800 scanners quality and fast turn around is assured.
Simply order online or fill out our order form then send us your film.
We will Process your films as requested.

"Speedy as with film photos! Lovely, very helpful people. I started coming to this place after another photoshop ruined some of my film, so glad I found them! They send the digital version of the photos straight to your phone it’s the easiest process ever. They do it in a couple of hours too I love them" Tess

"Wow really great spot for photo development. Received my digital link in 4 hours and it was a great price too.Friendly service and was about $19 for high resolution film scans.Highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs help with their 35mn developing in Armadale :)" Bennis

"Amazing store and excellent service! Super fast photo processing. I was waiting a week or more at a store in the city for photoscans and Photobee process in less than a day, more like a couple of hours! This means I’m able to offer analogue photos as a business service with very fast and reliable turn around, thank you Photobee team for enabling my passion! See you again soon. 👌👌" Matthew

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How to mail order your Films for Developing

Place your order and pay online
Pay online, print out and complete our order form then send it with your film.
Order and Pay Online
Package your film
Place your film and order form in a padded or bubble wrap envelope or small box.
IF YOU PAID ONLINE: include or copy of your receipt or include an order form with your order number written in.
Mail the package to us
Ship your package to:
‍161 Glenferrie Rd Malvern
3144 Victoria, Australia

How to order in-store

Drop by the store and leave us your film
Once your film has been developed we will be in touch
Come pick up your negatives and digitised photos.

We process colour and b&w film

Film processing 7 days a week* (check Public Holidays)
  • All C41 films are developed using Noritsu T15 & Noritsu V30s film processors for speedy and high quality results, including 120 format.
    SPECIAL Develop and Scan with email link only $18 per roll 3130x2075 PX -6.4mp files 35mm film c41
  • We use Noritsu HS-1800 and LS-600 scanners for the highest quality negative scans.
  • We can scan all 35mm negatives and slides as well as all 120 film formats.
  • SPECIAL Develop and Scan with email link only $18 per roll 3130x2075 PX -6.4mp files
    Develop and Scan with email link for $23 per roll High Resolution (6774x4492 PX -30.4mp
  • If you choose to have prints we use Kodak Professional Photo Paper.
  • You will also find film in store including Colour 35 mm film, Black and White film and Fuji Instax Films.
  • Add prints at time of developing for
    • 24 exp + $12
    • 36 exp + $15

Print finishes we include

  • Gloss
  • Matt (semi gloss)
  • White border optional

Turned around for colour film C41 is usually same day or next day.
Note: If you would like your colour film printed as Black and White this can be done at no extra charge

Having trouble placing your order?

Feel free to get in touch and we'll gladly assist you in getting your film to us